Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More Students' Gold Work

The Gold Work class held in Guelph, Ontario last spring produced some varied pieces of work. This was an Intermediate class in that the participants had already learned how to handle the threads. These are their first attempts at designing and stitching their individual creations. The creations of the other students was posted previously in Gold Work Brag Time.

Contemporary Leaves stitched by Pat Harwood

Look at her work closely and you will notice that she has tried out many different ways of using Gold Threads. She was careful to balance the density of the fillings and to make each leaf different. She even tried SSSing in the top leaf on the right. This is one of the more difficult stitches in this medium.

In a Mind's Eye stitched by Nancy Green

Nancy doodled this design thus making it totally original. A design that involves curves is easier for metalic threads than is a geometric design. The navy blue background shows off the gold well. She included a lot of techniques. The plain areas of padding are a good rest for the eye. Sequins are used in moderation. A lot of sequins look fine on a ballgown but are not so attractive in gold work. The photo was taken prior to completion.

Russian Odyssey stitched by Janet Sunderani

St Basil's Church in Moscow is a favourite subject for Gold Work. This rendition is unfinshed. A year ago, Janet tripped over the cat which resulted in a broken arm. Stitching has not been an option until now. Those curved lines of the roofs are difficult to get spaced correctly. Again, she also has the leather pieces stitched down really well. This photo does not do justice to the quality of her stitching. I am looking forward to see this piece completed.

Golden Shoe stitched by Susan M. Knight<

The 18th Century Golden Shoe was stitched by Susan M. Knight for her gold work certificate course at the Royal School of Needlework.  It is stitched on antique blue dupioni silk having being inspired by a picture about 18th Century Fashion.  The techniques used were chipping, couching  plus stitching pearl purl, bright check, twist and spangles.  P.S. from Ann. The flat sequins/spangles are specifically for gold work. The faceted ones are for dressmaking. We are very happy that Susan has joined our Guild.

The Cat with Blue Suede Shoes stitched by Connie Dorion

And now for something completely different. The background is pale mauve silk. Mr Wellington is stitched in rows of novelty ribbon outlined with twisted gold thread. The face is leather and would not be so effective if it had been padded. One can still see the basting threads used in fabric preparation . These will be removed before mounting and framing. We hope that this one brings a smile to your face which is its intention.

The next Blog will be on stitching leather in position almost invisibly.

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Daisy Debs said...

Really lovely work here ! I m still slowly collecting those precious and expensive gold threads here , now and then ,until I have enough to do something special with . I do love to see your needlework so expertly done .