Thursday, June 6, 2013

Accordion Book Stitched On Blue Linen

Judy Eckhardt was a member of our class in Guelph earlier this year. I have pleasure in sharing some of her work with you. Judy teaches machine embroidery and quilting but had not been using hand stitching creatively. This class was an opportunity for her to become acquainted with the huge variety of embroidery stitches.

All her pieces were stitched on fine handkerchief linen which she dyed herself. She used Treenway Silk threads wherever possible adding DMC Floss to add a needed colour. She made her pieces into an accordion book.

Blue is Judy's favourite creative colour and, like Barbara Lee, she chose the challenge of working predominantly with blue on blue plus other colours in a congruent range of tones.

Chain Stitch and Variations plus Sorbello Stitch and Split Stitch

Cross Stitch, Stem Stitch, Outline Stitch and Turkey Work
You can see on this one how Judy finished her pieces and assembled them into a book.

Spider Wheels, Couching and Herringbone Stitch

The back cover of the book features Trellis Work and French Knots

To my surprise, Judy used no machine embroidery anywhere in this project.


Margo Brooks said...

Your students are so talented! I wish I could take your class. I think I will do the next best thing and download your book on payday!

Ann Bernard said...

Thank you Margot. Yes the class was talented and each persons work was totally different and individual. Hope you enjoy my book. Lots of goodies in it both basic and new. Enjoy.
Ann B.