Friday, February 22, 2013

Grip-n-Stitch Embroidery Frames by Fabric Flair

Sharon Boggon purchased a Grip-n-Stitch Frame in Australia in 2012 and wrote a review about it. This new type of embroidery frame sounded like an improvement on other frames on the market and I have been searching for one in Canada. No luck in our stores but Herrschners have them in their online catalogue. The size is 8" x 10" with four small extensions included to enlarge the frame in any direction. For a larger frame it is necessary to purchase two kits.

I tried it out on a piece of cotton fabric (Monaco) by CharlesCraft, 28 count, to which I did not add backing. Currently, I am stitching on dressmaking weight linen to which I have added a light weight backing. As the teeth that secure the fabric are only 1/4" long this is a about the limit to the thickness of the fabric that one can use on this frame. Aida Cloth would probably be OK but I have not tried this.

On the plus side, it is easy to mount the fabric on the frame single handed and the tension on the fabric is maintained well. This maintenance of tension is an improvement on a circular frame even with a wrapped inner ring or a Q Snap Frame. I have now used the Grip-n-Stitch Frame three times and found that it is light and comfortable to use, holds the fabric tension well and is easy and quick to set up. It needs less extra fabric around the outside of the frame than does a Q Snap Frame. As the fabric I was using softened a bit during stitching, removing the protective bars and tightening the fabric was easily and quickly done establishing drum tight fabric tension. I just hate stitching on fabric that moves with every stitch.

When the extra pieces of frame were added to form a square, it was an appropriate frame for stitching a circular design 8” in diameter. Set up as a rectangular frame, the design should be a little smaller than can be drawn on a sheet of computer paper. The whole of your design must fit within the frame. It is not possible to move it to a different part of the design as the teeth damage the fabric and would have a disastrous effect on your embroidery.

Grip-n-Stitch Embroidery Frames are a good idea but a version with longer teeth is needed to hold heavier or thicker fabrics. The cost was $56.00 Canadian which included shipping and taxes. I am including the link to Sharon's review which includes more photographs. I have not been asked to write this review and purchased my frame from a commercial supplier.

Sharon Boggon also uses this frame for Crazy Quilting and reviewed it on February 20, 2013 and August 22,

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